I'm Samuel Balcells.

a programmer.

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Samuel Balcells


I develop interactive digital content applications.
I have +5 years of programming experience. I mainly use Unity C#, I usually keep up with Unreal Engine 5 C++/Blueprints and I am learning pattern design.

My goal is to create, with excellence, digital content that edifies or is useful to people, while I grow professionally with passion in a team to bring value wherever God (I ❤️‍ Jesus) guides me.

My Experience.

Game Developer at Misstep Studio, Spain

February 2021 – Present

Currently in development, it is powered by Level Up (Game Dev Hub) and supported by Amazon Web Services. Implementation of almost all programming of Death By Misstep with Unity C# (2021.3.35f1) for PC. And other various tasks according to the needs of the team, such as production, web and social media.

Relevant implementations:

  • All the player.
  • The different interactive elements of the game.
  • All the interfaces and menus.
  • Options.
  • Sound with FMOD.
  • Localization.

Web Developer at BOMBAS VALERO SL, Spain

October 2021 – February 2022

Web design and front-end programming from scratch using Adobe XD and HTML/CSS for BOMBAS VALERO SL.

Unity Developer at JanduSoft S.L., Barcelona, Spain

February 2020 – May 2020

Ports to console and mobile with Unity C# and some of QA testing.

Relevant implementations:

  • Controls for the target platforms through an input manager.
  • Change of specific assets in-game for the target platforms.
  • Save system.
Rampage Game Studios

Unreal Developer at Rampage Game Studios, Barcelona, Spain

September 2018 – December 2019

Published a video game called DreamBall for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, through a publisher, which has generated profits. It started as a university project and is made with Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints.

Relevant implementations:

  • The camera.
  • Local multiplayer for 2-4 players.
  • Some map events, such as the laser beam shot from the space map.
  • Map objects that players can use.
  • Options and some menus.
  • Saving system and some other systems.

Game Developer at Pupgam Studios, Barcelona, Spain

April 2016 – July 2016

Participation in the development of an intern level editor and in the update of the different languages (localization) of the Bubble Guriko video game (Android/iOS), using the Cocos2d-JS. And in the development of a new project in Unity C#.

My Best Projects.

Steam Overload: The Rage

A twin-stick shooter top-down 3D game based on infinite hordes that combines steampunk art with Gaudí's architectural style. It is a final degree project made with Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints for PC.


A fun sports game with Ragdoll physics set in dreams with one clear objective, try score more than your opponent before time’s up. Video game published for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, through a publisher, which has generated profits. It started as a university project and is made with Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints.

Robin Fruit

A video game about the ultimate war between fruits and vegetables made in Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints for PC.

Exploding Turtles

A small 1v1 local multiplayer video game made in a game jam with Unity C# for PC.

Arcade SS

An arcade video game made with Unity C# for Android.

Lemmings (1991)

A non-exact copy of the video game Lemmings (1991) made with C++, SDL2, and TinyXML for PC.

My Education.

Pre-incubation for Game Devs, Level Up [Game Dev Hub] - Alumni, Spain

March 2021 – December 2021

Pre-incubation program to train the different selected teams with the final goal in the medium-long term to publish a title and establish a company. Selected to participate with Death By Misstep (Misstep Studio).

Universitat de Barcelona

Engineering Degree, ENTI - Escola de Noves Tecnologies (Universitat de Barcelona), Barcelona, Spain

2016 – 2020

Video games and interactive content design.

Escola Pia Balmes

Technical College, Escola Pia Balmes, Barcelona, Spain

2014 – 2016

Development of Multiplatform Applications of Video Games and Digital Leisure.

Get in Touch

You can write me in Spanish, Catalan or English.